Dream of Waking Up

by This Present Darkness

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released January 1, 2016

Everything written, performed, and produced by Nicolae Wallace except where noted.
Synth/Electronic elements programmed by Ethan Walls




This Present Darkness Austin, Texas

Djentcore solo project from Austin, TX.

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Track Name: Kairos (feat Jake Bissonnette)
(Verse 1)
The doors have opened,
Provision is proven,
Our history has
Led us to this movement,
Where we reject the names
Forced upon us by our captors,
And remake our identities
In the wake of our disasters.
The time has come for a revolution,
And the crown will fall to the fallen,
So let the blood spill to wash away our victims,
And fill their veins with an ocean of retribution.

(Verse 2)
The situation's gone from bad to fucked,
And one man's heaven is another's bad luck,
We'll water the seeds of our future,
With the blood of our brothers from another,
We'll blind the world in the name of justice,
And martyr the victims who wrought this,
As we're doomed to repeat our past pains,
In the name of divisive and fleeting gains.

Our children's bones will build your crown!

(Verse 3)
Oh God, the aftermath we've wrought!
We've abandoned hope and embraced the hell we've bought,
We place lies above lives and buried love,
We pay for greed with sacrificial blood,
We drew our lines in the sand and made our bed,
But now we lie as prisoners instead,
Our divisions will be our end,
As we exile our brothers and label them condemned.
Track Name: Refugee (feat Gerard Mora and Parker Malcolm)
(Verse 1)
We lost it all in a moment,
Shattered glass across the past,
And they say we can't get it back,
But I'm trying so hard to
Rewind, step back in time,
These are the best days of our lives,
So if they're lost are we too?
Where do we draw the line?
There's a point where it all fades to black,
And the past is lost in a haze,
We can't get it back.
If it never happened,
If I forget it,
Did it matter,
Or am I eternally a liar?

(Verse 2)
There's a lot of light in your future, child,
And I know it's gonna take a while,
But every mosaic is made from broken glass,
So darling don't fear your past.
This is not the end of everything,
This is where hope springs up and gets her wings,
This is where we learn to combat hate with love,
This is where divisions can be lost in common blood.

(Verse 3)
I know your light you speak of with glowing eyes,
And behind your warm words lay only empty lies.
We feed a fading past in futility to breathe life,
But stare into your “light” with empty eyes.
We were made to clutch at impermanence,
With our penchant for building faith on nothingness.
Track Name: Dissonance
I'm told it's bad form to build up walls,
That every moment changes our souls,
So we should abandon what takes hold,
And embrace what lies down the road.
Yet our bones crave stability,
And our tongues thirst for home,
Tossed about in a sea of faces,
At the mercy of another's false hopes.

If we build our foundations in sand,
Then we must construct our bricks with ghostly hands,
Idle as we watch our towers reach the heavens,
And echo only silence from a love so unforgiving,
We built our futures and watched our hopes collapse,
We cursed our breath and delved into the past,
We found no security in lives long forgotten,
And lost our endless loves in infinite idealism.

I'm told that poison will seep into the wells,
So deep that divine hands are the only spell,
To capture the waters and return us to the calm seas,
Where rescue evades stability,
If we let go what pieces will fall prey to gravity,
And escape unintentional from our own depravity,
What remains caught up in our hands,
To slip through our fingers as grains of sand?
Track Name: Chronophobia
If I could shield her from the truth,
I'd sacrifice everything to save her youth,
But the fallen world we live in...

I can't save her sense of hope,
But oh God, I just can't let her go,
If I count her as lost to the tides,
Will she find her way back home?

If I could lay my head to rest,
If I could put You to the test,
Is there an answer for the fear,
Or will silence greet our ears?
If I could find the will to breathe,
Do I belong here on my knees?
If my anxieties could be tamed,
If there were power in a name...

I am the glass from the mirror,
I've never seen things clearer,
If I could stop her from being me,
I think I could finally sleep.

Now that we're caught red handed,
Now that we've faced abandonment,
I'm not sure I see things like before,
I just wish I could keep her from my storms.
Track Name: The Spice Must Flow (feat Garrett Russell)
We'll watch our limbs die,
And close a blind eye,
Because we can pretend it's not real.
If there's time to put to numbers,
Zeros and ones,
As we quickly come undone,
And they collect in our cancer.
Our god never sleeps,
But lives in finite dreams,
As we oppress him to enslave our lovers.
We built our walls of clouded glass,
So when the cracks attacked,
We could still ignore the truth.

(We took our gold to our graves,
Where our greed opened the gates of Hell)

Your destruction has taken upon it's offering:
A signal of the audience is waking the dead.
Inequality falls like rain.
Sending out divinity
(God replaced with proximity).
We take these lives in vain.

Sacrifice our sons for our fleeting futures,
We sold our souls for a cursory taste of pleasure,
You'll never know the divine secrets,
So stay down with the undertow and let it take you,
We stand on souls and sell hope for false security,
Our arrogance exceeded only by our avarice,
With kings and counselors of the earth,
We built ruin and returned to the dirt.
Track Name: Monument
We've abandoned truth for trade,
A world of blurred lines and shades of gray,
Where we sink into a digital sea,
And idolize our complacency.
What drives a child with efflorescent eyes
And innocence hidden behind wide smiles
To concede that her body is nothing but a commodity,
Fabricated worth determined by economies.

Cast down from the stars we were to be protected,
By the traitors who took us and then rejected,
And so a vicious cycle was spun,
Where we fell into hell where we first begun,
Where the power of names was fleeting,
And there were only empty promises of healing,
So let them use us for temporal security,
And we'll ignore the resulting cacophonies.

We've spent time on our knees, both in prayer and out,
The heavens are calloused to our suffering on the ground,
And if law and love are both a fabrication,
Then it's every man for himself, abandon battle stations.

Someday you'll see when the sun has ceased it's warmth,
That our rights and wrongs are dirt and the ground is our home,
No one listens, no cares beyond the stars,
And when we close our eyes we'll see only dark,
There is no future, no past, no security,
There is no rhyme or reason to the concept of eternity,
And if there is no rescue for the hopelessness we sell,
Then we'll make our homes in the depths in hell.
Track Name: Alexithymia (feat Vince Van Berkum)
I'll tear out your eyes to never see your face again

Destruction is your native tongue,
Burning the hands that take yours,
Reaching for the next victim,
Replacing their hope with your hate.

I call this,
Inside your soulless void

Run to your angel,
Your giver of apparition,
Trade your life
For an imitation.
You're a universal canvas,
Fill in the blanks,
Discard the colors,
To bury the picture in paint.

Are you scared yet?

You're a cancer in your own tongue
Works as dead as the bones that sew them
Track Name: Transcendence
By strange lips and foreign tongues,
Your future comes undone,
My voice will pierce the depths,
And bring your avarice to ruin.

You'll run yourself in circles,
Uncertainty your vice,
But when your heart stops,
You're left to roll the dice,
I am the weight in chance,
I see time unravel,
I am the answers embodied,
And the road you travel.

You contemplate your fate,
And universal design,
But I am destruction,
I am fate designed,
I am not at the will
Of time and space,
And you are not lost,
For matter knows it's place.

These are not transcendence,
Collections of what brought us here,
This is the unparalleled,
The only possible sphere,
This is not the mercy,
Of all roads' convergence,
This is the absolute,
The endgame, the finished.

(There's scars on my hands, and burns on my tongue,
Hell is empty, all my demons walk among,
Separation silence, I still hear the scream,
You can't bring me peace apart from you there's no such thing)

I'll make you stronger than you ever knew you could be,
Hell will fear you if you learn to trust in Me.

This is the end of everything,
Bring your faults and let them fall before me,
Don't close your lungs to the air I am breathing,
When the stars collapse the universe can spin again.
Track Name: Proprioception (feat Blake Fontdevila)
There was a flash of light, now there's nothing,
A taste of the infinite before we fell to the void,
And in the vacuum where we became broken,
We lost our eyes as vestigial structures,
So now we're feeling along in the dark, playing our part,
Where there's no walls and no answer,
We've been searching for rhyme and reason, for solidarity,
But our find is only quiescence.

There was an echo that bounced off the floor into an empty sky,
And when it faded it took our reason why,
No more past, no more hope, no future security,
Just an empty filter where our dreams used to be,
We were empty to start, and abandoned at the dawn,
But now we lie in pieces with bleeding hands and faces drawn,
From a shattered glass and words that cut so sweet,
But maybe we were never meant to be complete.

And when the light receded,
And the dark crept back into our souls,
We tore out our brother's tongues,
Just to wash in blood our worthless gold.