Silence & Eternity

by This Present Darkness

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    releases November 3, 2017

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Survivor Bias
Silent Years


releases November 3, 2017




This Present Darkness Austin, Texas

Djentcore solo project from Austin, TX.

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Track Name: Someday All This Will Be Laid To Waste
One more time we move through endless spaces
As we bring our distractions down through the phases
Throw your thoughts to the wind and let the currents take them
Let the dead bury the dead and drown your apprehensions.

TELL ME about your hollow promises of purpose,
About guiding misdirection with careful steps laid down with worship,
LIE TO ME and say we're working towards something,
Cause when we lay our heads to rest our legacies lose potency in ourselves.

Our sanity demands
We realize the sand on which we stand,
Perspectives shifting with the waves,
We can swing the scythe til our bones bleed bare
And fight our wars til our graves have no air,
But our works and words are fleeting
Like our works and words are seeds.

We are eternal trapped in the temporal,
We are laying roads we'll never know,
Perspective demands to be shown.

We are the dream before the waking,
A mere shadow of the reality we've been faking,
With sudden transitory seconds left on our clocks
We've been dreaming within dreams that time will never stop,
We are the light lying low in touching twilight,
And letting all the thoughts we hope be swept away til future daylight,
And with our final fleeting thoughts we thought to dream away the midnight oil to find we'd never wake.

We are transient
Track Name: Oneirataxia
Awake in a nightmare,
Facing the cold reflections on the walls,
No bridges left to burn
Everything must pass through the fire,
(Traitors and liars with their tongues on the trigger like razor blades,
Surgically cutting out my soul and I don't even know if it's left anymore)
My demons are just a little stronger than me today,
Is this where divine minds wander in their sleep?

Lift up your face to the perpetual desolations,
Look in the eyes of your soul and take a deep breath as you ask for more,
These walls that crumble around you in serenity,
Detached from the manic inside and separate walls from distractions that pull you in.

We quietly slip into madness and observe the past like pages of books we read.

A question consuming the fibers of my heart,
Uncertainty reeling the doubt in my mind,
Stretched across a chasm and on into the void,
The echoes decaying before the lips of form,

The colors cleaned and wiped away to tell the story of the fates,
Another version of the truth is slowly being whisked away,
Carved into an effigy and angled just away from me,
Silhouettes on cavern walls that tell the stories of these halls.

Pull me through
(The upside down)
(My own mind)
Draw me in
(Bring me home)
End this hell
(Set me down)
Track Name: Dyatlov
The higher I climb, the harder I fall,
Into the darkness below each of us,

Succumbing to thoughts we seek to escape with our works,
The network of safety no safety net below!
Fill your lungs with a rush of air and release them in silence,
Reach for the hand of God to grasp only nothing.

The trauma sustained,
The fractures in my brain,
Intact, but isolated as the life slowly wanes,

Reaching out, I gasp for breath,
But the visions are the same,
No soul remains,

Chaos, consuming,
Survival instinct resuming,
Cast our cares and concerns for our fellow man on the fires that burn.

Frozen to the core, the atrophy seeping in,
Unresponsive as the ending begins,
The solitary city on a single shining hill,
The single effigy as time stands still.
Track Name: Trinity Test
God! The aftermath we've wrought!

I have watched my good intentions lead straight to hell,
I've used my gifts as a torch to burn the light,
Trading deception for truth, seeing through the pretense;

God always vivisects!

The house of cards has fallen,
Each diamond a crushing catalyst to the gravity of my decisions,
How can emptiness be so heavy?
How can a saint be predestined for hell?

Oh creator, what I have I done?
So destructive is the artificial sun,
A lead lined heart splitting my regret,
Naught but ash left to rot in the aftermath.

200,000 voices screaming like nails into my head,
I cannot escape the weight of my past,
If only I were the one that turned to ash.

We have known sin.

The lives we carry in our heads,
Like a history of walking dead,
Guilt strapped to our necks like ropes,
Make the call and end the hope,
We burn the shadows into our eyes
Til we can't see past our hate-filled lies,
And lose the ghosts in crooked pens,
And lay them to rest in our own beds.
Track Name: O Milagre Do Sol
(Verse 1)
Allured by promises of light,
We renounced our sleep, we gave our serenity to the sercrets of the twilight,
We stood alone in a sea of separation,
And waited in anticipation,
With bated breath,
To see what would come of the paths we chose and left,
To catch our death,
To be consumed in the flood of witnesses to what we have become.

When did we become the ghosts of ourselves,
And who will remember the things we can't forget?

(Verse 2)
Surrounded by light we cannot see,

How quickly we question our own memories,
Slave to the nature of our imperfect perceptions,
How can we bear witness to the stars falling from the sky
And forget our own faces before we've faced our deceptions,
We trade our truth for the mundane,
A taste of eternity is instantly forgotten,
Maybe if we remembered what we lost in the echos,
We'd be forced to face our current devastation.

When did we become the ghosts of ourselves,
And who will remember the things we can't forget?
Are we forever locked in our pasts,
Building walls to repress the innocent?
Track Name: Fallout
Artificial glow of fallen stars,
Cast shadows into who we are,
Burned through these empty halls,
Children live on fallen walls.

Lie in bed with all my fears,
Ghosts of guilt and drowning tears,
Eyes burned white to meet my maker,
Abandoned by our false creator.

Voices I can still hear in my sleep,
Emptiness flooding next to me,
As the sky begins to cave,
In a firey embrace,
I'm lost, adrift, on concrete seas.

Aftermath of peace through war,
Leaving our lives fully torn,
The blood cannot wash off my hands,
Forever scarred into the sands,

The shores of my mind won't forget,
Awake the night drenched in sweat,
Living torn between two lives,
One you're here, and one you died.
Track Name: Heavenly Creatures
Get up! Flee! To the comforts of civility,
To a sleeping city unaware of the blood you've spilled in your conquest,
You'll hide your sins in the garden round the rock in your brother's head,
But when you're marked for exile you'll never see your home again.

Oh! We feared separation,
But in our haste we brought our final disgrace,
Condemned to predestination,
Aversion only hastened what we thought to escape.
Cast out from the garden,
(Awake, arise, and still forever fallen),
Please don't sentence me to silence lest I become like the condemned in depths of the city of the dead.


Strip yourself of the love you hold dear,
Cast yourself outside the city gates among the dead,
Mark your lovers in stone and forget their faces,
But never forget the taste you shared.
If these walls could speak they'll tell of times so long ago when paradise consumed the shallow seeds you pushed down into the dirt,
The roots of regret have taken hold,
And we'll taste the consequences of our lust.

How strange it is that we once lovers now are strangers to each other and reflections in the glass of what could have been,
And now we sleep alone, forever silenced in separation by the glass of the past set in stone.
Track Name: Solidarity
You bring your vices like vipers to the table to be held
Your image of God asleep on the cold ground, you'll never know heaven cause you grew to love the warmth of hell

Oh brothers and sisters, follow me to the slaughter!
If the persecution don't come natural, let's be martyrs,

Without the shedding of blood there will be no remission,
So empty your pockets and sacrifice for the mission!

The shepherd who sold out the ninety nine for the one,
Thirty pieces of silver can buy a cleared corruption,

So pay up! Pay up! Indulge your lovers,
Give god his due with your blood, my sisters and brothers!

The power infinite,
I wield in Your Name
(My judgment is gravity,
And it's going to fall like rain)
We play god, play games,
And pick who's to blame
(Corrupting the children,
You'll find yourself cast into the waves)
Trigger the violence,
No persons just personal gains
(Made in my image,
Sovereignty supersedes blame)
We stand up on the necks of the ones we're to save
(I'll cut your tongue out and give you a recompense taste).

Now lead your lambs to the slaughter, my sons and my daughters,
Sacrifice for provision, we're on a mission, just trust in me and I'll feed all our derisions,

The challenge we face is not a mountain to be surpassed,
Rather a test of faith to prove what we don't know we lack,

No light for growth so we break these feeble bones,
And cry to sky that should be empty and alone,

Corrupt our own ways and claim the victory,
The purest strain of hate is found in misery,

No love was lost on our lips for our sons and daughters,
The children of loss as we sink to the bottom.