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God! The aftermath we've wrought!

I have watched my good intentions lead straight to hell,
I've used my gifts as a torch to burn the light,
Trading deception for truth, seeing through the pretense;

God always vivisects!

The house of cards has fallen,
Each diamond a crushing catalyst to the gravity of my decisions,
How can emptiness be so heavy?
How can a saint be predestined for hell?

Oh creator, what I have I done?
So destructive is the artificial sun,
A lead lined heart splitting my regret,
Naught but ash left to rot in the aftermath.

200,000 voices screaming like nails into my head,
I cannot escape the weight of my past,
If only I were the one that turned to ash.

We have known sin.

The lives we carry in our heads,
Like a history of walking dead,
Guilt strapped to our necks like ropes,
Make the call and end the hope,
We burn the shadows into our eyes
Til we can't see past our hate-filled lies,
And lose the ghosts in crooked pens,
And lay them to rest in our own beds.


from Silence & Eternity, releases November 3, 2017
Co-written with Blake Fontdevila




This Present Darkness Austin, Texas

Djentcore solo project from Austin, TX.

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